About Me

My Journey

From Realtor to Pmu Artist

I became a licensed realtor about 7 years ago. While I’ve enjoyed the journey of helping families buy and sell their homes, I’ve always felt there was something missing. I’m naturally a creative person who also happens to be a perfectionist so pmu just made perfect sense. I’ve always loved doing my hair and nails so once I discovered cosmetic tattoos I knew that was the industry I belonged in!

In my journey to find the perfect trainer, I found PhiBrows. The great thing about PhiBrows is it’s not just some quick 2 day course and then all of the sudden you’re certified. You actually have to pass all 12 levels by submitting your work to your master trainer. Being that this industry is so unregulated, I really liked that process. I’m proud to announce I’m a certified PhiBrow Artist! 

Stephanie Hibbard